WP_20180204_16_53_55_Pro (6)We had a short committee meeting at the allotment today.  It was a glorious day but far too early to do any planting.  So we did a little planning and I dug up some couch grass. I had taken along my ancient wellies and some well-worn gardening gloves.  I also have my own key now so I think that’s me officially plotting.

I don’t want to let this allotment excitement lead to neglecting the garden though, so yesterday I went out in the rain and tidied up some overgrown stuff and sorted out the broccoli a bit.  Pigeons have been feasting on it over the winter but there are signs of new growth.  I propped up the plants and put some netting on them to keep the pigeons off.


I also moved a few snowdrops that were hiding underneath the hellebore


Despite the forecast for snow and ice, spring is in the air.

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