Pigeon 1: Broccoli 0


Remember that lovely new raised bed that I made a couple of weeks ago?

WP_20180415_19_05_59_ProWell I put it in place round last year’s broccoli patch, in the process, removing the netting that was keeping the pigeons off. The broccoli has been coming back to life in the last couple of weeks, so I was reluctant to dig it out. But Ms or Mr pigeon spotted the lack of netting and moved in, munching their way through all the remaining florets:

WP_20180503_08_34_12_ProHint taken: time to dig up the broccoli and prepare the bed for this year’s runner beans. For how to do this, see here:

WP_20180506_13_19_13_ProIf you look carefully, you’ll see that I left a tiny broccoli plant (bottom left), which hasn’t flowered yet and may still produce some useable vegetables before the beans grow up.  In the top right hand corner there is also a broad bean, left over from last year I think and looking reasonably happy. So I left it too.  Meanwhile I sowed my runner bean seeds in pots, with the plan that they will be ready to plant out in a few weeks, once the trenches have settled.  And then I went and did the same for a runner bean bed at the allotment. That should provide more than enough runner beans in the summer!

In the picture with the pigeon, you can still see the stumps from the removed conifers. A stump removal person is coming this week to take them away, allowing my plans for the back of the garden to develop. Meanwhile, I will continue to indulge in some fantasy gardening for that space ……..

7 thoughts on “Pigeon 1: Broccoli 0

    1. My garden fantasies mostly involve greenhouses but there’s also the possibility of an entire orchard, all sorts of wild hedgy stuff, a new vegetable bed, a nice place to sit etc but probably not all of these at once!

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