Hoe Hoe


I took a hoe to the allotment today. I bought this for my first garden twenty-five years ago and hardly ever use it. The raised beds in my garden don’t really need a hoe as I can reach them easily with a trowel or fork. Also my vegetables tend to be planted so close together that there isn’t room to get a hoe between them. The rest of the garden is mostly ‘wildlife friendly’ (ie untidy) so I don’t weed very much.

But at the allotment, my friend, the allotment-holder, is much more sensible about spacings and the plots are much larger so I’m hoping the hoe will be more useful there.

And the title of this blog is a little reminisce to days when a very small member of the household used to love the book Everyday Words by Jo Litchfield. This book had a picture of a garden with various things to spot: snails, slugs, bees, ants and, our favourite, the ‘hoe hoe’.  There were plenty of snails and slugs in our garden but we never used the hoe hoe. You know who you are. Here is one now in use for you, with love.

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