Frog blog

I’ve been awfully busy and had to go away for a couple of days to spend time in hot cities but I’m now home and garden has gone into overdrive – peas, cucumbers, strawberries, redcurrants, lettuce, raspberries and one cherry:I’ve not had a lot of time to catch up on photographing all of these things or doing any weeding or other garden maintenance. Any time has been devoted to watching frogs, so for your pleasure, here is the frog gallery:       Sometimes you have to look really hardy to spot them. They are a bit like Quentin Blake’s … Continue reading Frog blog

Frog and bee paradise

This weekend has been all about the frogs and the bees.  We’ve always had frogs in the garden, even before we built the pond and we were delighted when they moved into the water.  We don’t see them very often as they are, rightly a little shy, what with cats prowling about.  This weekend though they have been sitting in the pond, poking their little noses in the air, catching flies or other delicacies.  Last night I counted six, tonight there were nine. Don’t you just love them? There was even one at the allotment this evening Yesterday I spent … Continue reading Frog and bee paradise

Cucumber frame

I finally got round to building my second lego brick raised bed. The first one is doing well: with tomatoes, lettuce and Swiss chard all looking fairly happy. The sea shell is supposed to stop people from poking their eyes out.  I planned the new raised bed so that my trusty plastic cloche will fit over it, making it into a kind of cold frame – or perhaps a cucumber frame, which I’ve always had a strange fancy for: My seed house already has its maximum three cucumber plants. The strange thing about this year’s cucumbers is that I sowed … Continue reading Cucumber frame


The last couple of days’ rain has brought on some new growth and the peas are finally romping away. I’ve been enjoying the way their tendrils grasp at whatever passes near them: They go where they choose, often attaching themselves to a nearby plant: This one attached itself to a neighbouring onion. My mixed and overcrowded planting often leads to these happy relationships.   Continue reading Peas


The thing about having your young people around for the weekend, is that, despite the piles of socks, papers, laptops and musical instruments tripping you up at every turn, the random kitchen equipment lying on your best chairthe suddenly full washing basket and the contrasting simultaneous disappearance of all the bread and milk with the appearance of enticing things in plastic boxes in the fridge, you also find in your kitchen, half-empty bottles of flat, cheap cider: alongside an inexplicable bag of screws, a bottle of off milk and a very large suitcase. Your average parent might start screeching at … Continue reading Cider

Rhubarb 2

A cake was needed for a little household celebration, so I looked up my faithful recipe books , this time to see if I could do something a little more successful with the rhubarb than last week’s curry. I found ‘allotment cake’ in one of the recipe books. This involved copious amounts of rhubarb and also carrots (not from the allotment and requiring more grating than I would normally choose to do). The evidence suggests that it was a success: helped by a welcome invasion of assistant gardeners and their friends. I may need to make some more. I visited … Continue reading Rhubarb 2


I spent some time at the allotment this afternoon. We harvested our first strawberries: Ok, there were only four, but there are more to come and, anyway, there is something very special about the first strawberries of the year. We also cut back a lot of nettles and docks that were threatening an apple tree. I didn’t take any photos but I have some impressive nettle stings to prove it.  We planted out some tomato plants that I had brought from my garden. I usually use my bike to get to and from the allotment, usually walking with it as … Continue reading Rhubarb

Garden lego

Years of experience playing with lego, as a child and as a parent, paid off this evening as I set out to make a new raised bed in the bit of the garden where the conifers used to be.  I’ve used up all my spare wood, so this time I turned to bricks. We have rather an excess of bricks, dug up from the front garden when I turned it from a car park into an actual garden – see here So I got my lego building skills together and constructed a new bed and filled it with compost and … Continue reading Garden lego

Going wild

It’s June, time for Thirty Days Wild, a month of exploring, discovering and celebrating wildlife. This year my wildness will be rather urban again. I’ll be trying to find wildness in the city. There’s plenty in my own garden: And at the allotment: Occasionally I may get out into the countryside but it’s a busy month ahead so I’ll try and find more urban wildlife on my way to and from work and as I go about my non-gardening business in the city. Last year, I had a great time, spotting all sorts of unexpected wild things: sunsets, bees, wild roses, … Continue reading Going wild