I spent some time at the allotment this afternoon. We harvested our first strawberries:

WP_20180610_17_45_44_Pro.jpgOk, there were only four, but there are more to come and, anyway, there is something very special about the first strawberries of the year.

We also cut back a lot of nettles and docks that were threatening an apple tree. I didn’t take any photos but I have some impressive nettle stings to prove it.  We planted out some tomato plants that I had brought from my garden. I usually use my bike to get to and from the allotment, usually walking with it as it is often burdened with impractical things such as hoes, water butts, big bags of weeds and, today, tomato plants. I wasn’t sure how best to transport the tomatoes without damaging them but hit on the brainwave of putting them in a bucket and then in the pannier on the bike. I forgot to take a photo of this too but here is the bucket, on its return journey, happily filled with garden shears and the inevitable rhubarb

wp_20180610_18_45_35_pro.jpgThe rhubarb has been fantastic this year, so every trip to the allotment results in compulsory rhubarb consumption, usually stewed on cereal or sometimes in crumble or rhubarb flapjack. Tonight I thought I would try something a little different so consulted one of my ‘how to deal with your allotment glut’ recipe books. These have some decidedly odd recipes and tonight’s was rhubarb curry.  The perfect thing, I thought, to deal with the rhubarb glut without overdosing on sugar.  It seemed and looked unlikely. The verdict: ‘it tastes exactly like what it is: rhubarb curry’ ‘Is that a bad thing?’ ‘Well, not really, but…’.

But, I mused, as we stoically made our way through the curry, there is something particularly magical about growing your own food. I think we’ll stick to the crumbles and flapjacks in the future.


3 thoughts on “Rhubarb

  1. Yep, I’d agree that rhubarb crumble is better that rhubarb curry. I’d forgotten about rhubarb flapjack. That’s got me thinking – maybe I won’t make any jam just yet 😊

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