Rhubarb 2

A cake was needed for a little household celebration, so I looked up my faithful recipe books , this time to see if I could do something a little more successful with the rhubarb than last week’s curry. I found ‘allotment cake’ in one of the recipe books. This involved copious amounts of rhubarb and also carrots (not from the allotment and requiring more grating than I would normally choose to do). The evidence suggests that it was a success:

WP_20180615_20_30_09_Pro.jpghelped by a welcome invasion of assistant gardeners and their friends. I may need to make some more.

I visited the allotment this evening after work to see if there was any damage after Wednesday night’s storm. All seemed to be in order, apart from some flying buckets and plastic cloches which had meandered into neighbouring plots. I collected them up, staked up some slightly collapsed beans and brought some more rhubarb home for the next culinary experiment.

4 thoughts on “Rhubarb 2

  1. That looks delicious. I was thinking of doing a last picking of the rhubarb in the next couple of days, and we have some duck eggs that I want to try in a cake, so here goes…

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