Autumn pleasures

It’s been a long week and it’s only Thursday.  Work is a little trying, extended family issues are rather energy-consuming and there are still musicians all over the house, overflowing into every room.  Don’t get me wrong, the musicians are delightful, just a little all encompassing. Anyway, coming home from work and feeling rather grumpy, I was trying to get into the garden to do some therapeutic composting of some paperwork, when I found a musician kneeling on a large sheet of paper covered in musical hieroglyphs and blocking my exit to the garden. Despite my joy at their presence in the house, this made me a little cross. ‘Enough! Out of my way! and please do something about the pile of dishes in the kitchen’ . ‘Oh sorry. I’ll move. By the way I cut the grass. Did you notice?’ . I hadn’t noticed but I was very grateful. In an instant all was forgiven and this unasked for grasscutting inspired me to do a little gardening myself. I did some pruning, smelled the roses:

WP_20180830_20_00_19_ProWatched some sleepy bees on the lavender:

WP_20180830_19_59_57_Proadmired the brilliant red of the rowan berries and rose hips:

and harvested some potatoes, beans and plums.

WP_20180830_20_25_39_ProWP_20180830_20_29_51_ProEquilibrium has been restored. I may even make another cake for the musicians.


9 thoughts on “Autumn pleasures

  1. That made me smile, we have all been a little grumpy with someone who then proves they don’t really deserve it. Mind you, a house full sounds very trying! That rose is beautiful, do you know which one it is?

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