Monsoon weather

I brought the lawn mower back from the allotment last week so that we could tackle the jungle in the garden. Fortunately a small gap in this year’s monsoon enabled us to have a go at the lawn.  But the monsoon has returned, which means the lawnmower is useless and the grass just keeps growing, but I have found a solution

I evicted all of these little chaps from my pea plants and set them to work on cutting the grass.

Meanwhile the marrows are really enjoying all this rain:


I did get a great harvest from the peas and made a huge pot of pea and broad bean soup to see us through the November-like gloom:


Now all I need to do is to persuade the snails to stay on the lawn and leave my other plants alone. We can all dream.

5 thoughts on “Monsoon weather

  1. Great idea re the snails. Whenever I see a slug or snail heading across the patio towards my French beans, I move them likewise to a more (for me) favoured location 😊

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