The year’s turning

Plums are dripping off the trees, apples are falling on the ground. Tomatoes are beginning to ripen


and we are drowning in marrows


Autumn has arrived. For the first time in over twenty years there are only two of us in the house to share in all this bounty. My older son has finished his studies,  for the moment, and moved on to do voluntary work, while my younger son starts a new course away from home next week. We miss their youthful enthusiasm, mess, music and musical friends. There are still some musicians around, popping in from time to time to retrieve musical paraphernalia and borrow bike tools. I do not let them leave without a marrow or a jar of jam but somehow we’re going to have get through all the rest of the autumn harvest by ourselves.

To help with this change of family life, I’ve had a few days off work with the plan to make some serious inroads in tidying up the garden and allotment. While doing these things, down on my knees, scraping weeds out of the paving in the front and back gardens, I found seed pods on wallflowers and California poppies:

20190803_162512[1]It’s astonishing that these dried up looking specimens produce hundreds of tiny seeds which will one day grow back into flowers. I’ve saved the seeds in envelopes to sow for next year’s flowers.

I’ve also saved some pea seeds:

20190906_151305[1]Aren’t they beautiful? I planted all the peas in the same bed so am not entirely sure which ones are which but the pink and blue ones are very distinctive : the heritage ‘Salmon Pink’ and ‘Prussian Blue’. I’m not sure what the whitish ones are: probably Norli. I’ll plant them next year and see what comes up. Here’s what they looked like in full bloom earlier this summer:

I made an emergency visit to a garden centre to buy new gardening gloves as my old ones were leaking and my hands can’t bear to get wet. I left with a small supply of spring bulbs: a few daffodils, some irises and crocuses. I do have lots of bulbs already but I thought I could find space for a few more. And following last week’s excitement with the sweet peas, I bought some more sweet pea seeds too..

These  bulbs and seeds are a good reminder that the autumn is not just about endings, it is also about beginnings, my boys starting off in new phases of their lives and me, in my small way, making plans for the next season.


4 thoughts on “The year’s turning

  1. You are right ! Your peas are beautiful. I am harvesting seeds too, ammi, orlaya, iberis, honesty… such beautiful and powerful tiny things.

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