Lost and found

20190920_094304I am sure we have a poltergeist in the house. Not the kind that screams and throws things at the walls but the kind that moves things about. As I’ve explained before on this blog, I’m mainly a vegetable gardener but I can’t resist sweet peas (or daffodils, roses or snowdrops). So I have a huge tin, a repurposed old fashioned tool box, in which I keep my vegetable seeds:

Seed boxand a much smaller and sedate little tin for my flower seeds – pictured at the top of this post.  One day in early summer I was happily sowing flower seeds in the garden and the next thing my little tin had entirely disappeared, along with my supply of sweet pea seeds. The sweet peas, as you know have been particularly spectacular this year and I didn’t want to lose my precious seeds:


I have been searching high and low for about three months for this little tin, blaming everyone else in the house for its loss, although finding it difficult to think what my adult sons and their musician friends, my non-gardener husband or my delightful cats could have wanted it for. I gave up hope and ordered more sweet pea seeds to sow for next year. … and then mysteriously and with no possible scientific explanation, my little tin reappeared on the floor of my workspace. It definitely wasn’t there before, I am pretty sure I hadn’t moved anything, my boys and their friends are nowhere in sight, it really would be too much for the cats and my husband denies all knowledge. So it must have been a poltergeist, stealing my flower seeds and then sneaking them back, just in time to get the sweet peas going for next year. The only problem I have now is too many seeds, if ever there was such a thing.

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