Today was a big harvest day at the allotment. There’s a real nip in the air and temperatures of two degrees forecast for next week. So we decided to harvest all the allotment tomatoes before they succumb to the cold. They are still very green but abundant and luscious nevertheless. We picked about 3 kilos, mostly San Marzano. We also harvested the squashes, a ton of runner beans, potatoes, apples and some more raspberries20190929_173647.jpgThere’s still lots to come,  including more runner beans


and sweet peas

20190929_174545.jpgThe Christmas sprouts are coming along nicely:

20190929_173941Otherwise the plot is beginning to settle down for the cold season. But that’s quite exciting too because it means we can start planning next year’s crops! As we we were leaving, a flight of geese honked overhead, bringing us joy

20190929_174809Then I brought all this bounty home (except the geese) and have been multitasking all evening, baking apple cakes and making marrow and apple chutney while also trying to write this blog post – excuse any typos! I put red onions in the chutney, turning it rather pink but it should taste good20190929_225856


4 thoughts on “Harvest

    1. yes it was forecast to be 2 degrees – only about 3-4 in the end, though that’s been chilly enough!. tomatoes in the garden survived but I wasn’t happy about leaving the allotment ones when I’m unlikely to be back beford the weekend

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