Autumn tidying

Today was a tidying up in the garden sort of day. I cleared all the tomato plants from the raised beds . The tomatoes have been pretty good this year but some had succumbed to blight. The green ones should ripen indoors and I’ve left a few in the seed house as well

These are all Tigerella which are very beautiful when they are still green.

I sowed broad beans and phacelia in the tomato beds in the hope that it isn’t too late. I also sowed some late lettuce, replacing the seeds that I’d sown about a month ago and which were all consumed by slimeys.

Then I went out into the front garden to do some tidying up there, including deadheading the roses which are still blooming fantastically. I accidentally cut off one of the Boule de Neige flowers, so put it in a vase in the house

20191005_121221There are lots more like this on the bush outside, as well as the red Gertrude Jekyll and Benjamin Britten.  While I was grubbing around beside the roses I noticed that the lavender was needing a good trim, so brought lots of that into the house as well, leaving some for the  bees which were still buzzing around in the sunshine

20191005_125400Then the rain came on but I persevered with my tidying up, giving the fairy mounds a good hair cut before the winter:

The fox, or whatever it is, that has been digging up the bees’ nest had pulled back the wire grating that I put up to protect it so I put that back just in case there is anything still there.

The fairy mounds mainly grow long grass and some wild flowers but underneath the grass there is the most beautiful moss:

9 thoughts on “Autumn tidying

  1. I should the phacelia will be fine. I’ve read that it germinates at 2 degrees and over. Certainly, it germinated here in January, though it does only grow slowly in winter.

  2. Lovely rose. Does it have a good scent?
    You’re more organised than me. I’m leaving everything till the last minute, and will probably just leave the crop residue of peas to protect the soil underneath. It was definately too late for field beans and clover for me in late september last year.

  3. I’ve been wondering what to do with our tomatoes, they’re all green and now the weather has definitely turned I’m not sure if I should pick them and use them green or put them on a sunny windowsill to see if they ripen?

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