Creatures of the night – for Halloween

orange-lanternit’s Halloween so here are a couple of our alternative Halloween lanterns (an orange and a pumpkin) from a few years ago in the days when we Halloween birthdays in the house and we were very creative with our traditions – for more on these, see here

But tonight our Halloween birthday people are away from home and doing their own celebrations so we’re having to find new ways of celebrating this spookiest of nights. I offer you spooky footprints in the garden:

20191031_081209-scaled-2560.jpgI spotted these on the cardboard covering the raised beds this morning. That looks bigger than a cat, I thought. So I borrowed a spare cat with muddy paws (thank you Bella) and got her to walk across the bed for comparison:


paw printsDefinitely something bigger than a cat. My neighbour told me that she thinks we have a badger but badgers have spikey kind of claw things. I checked my handy wildlife in your garden book and this looks more like a fox. We know we have foxes from time to time, but this is evidence of recent activity. Maybe we have a badger too …. and who knows what else creeps around our garden at night…

Happy Halloween! – and happy birthday to our non-resident Halloween birthday people.

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