Hardy Watercress

I was out in the garden, doing some tidying up after this week’s sharp frosts. the temperature dropped to -3 degrees during the week, leaving beautiful patterns on the broccoli and sparkles on the wild rose hips20191113_080648.jpg


Unfortunately it also killed off the last of the nasturtiums so today’s task was to clear them up. While I was outside I spotted broad beans coming cheerfully up despite the cold:


tiny saladings under a cloche:


and sweet peas thriving in the seed palace:


Signs of spring indeed.

The cold earlier in the week had also brought ice to the pond:

and killed off some of the waterlilly leaves. I spent some time hauling these up and clearing space around the pond so that the tiny spring bulbs lurking under the soil will have room to grow. While doing this I noticed that the watercress had survived the cold so pulled some of that up as well, along with some mint:

20191116_131040and made watercress, potato and mint soup, using potatoes from the allotment. I didn’t have long out in the garden but these were satisfying signs of spring and hope at this gloomy time of year.

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