New year flowers

We usually go for a good walk on New Year’s Day but visitors meant that we stayed in and chatted and played scrabble instead. I did get out in the garden to count the flowers though. Here’s what was in bloom this year. First of all the sweetly scented viburnum:

Then some unseasonal beauties: a red scabious, a pink Benjamin Britten rose, a yellow wallflower and a blue campanula

There were some more seasonal yellow flowers: a yellow primula in a pot and the winter jasmine just coming into flower.

 And finally the tiny but powerfully scented wintersweet

Apart from all these tiny beauties, there are snowdrops, daffodils and crocuses just pushing up through the soil all round the garden. But spring has not arrived yet. Today was gloomy and wet and it was dark at three o’clock, so we got the festive candles out to cheer us up. I’ve done a little housekeeping on the blog to update the layout and to add a recipe page so you can find green soup or weed pesto if you need to in a hurry. Happy New Year!

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