Chilly day at the allotment

I made a trip to the allotment today, the first for a couple of weeks. It was a bright but chilly day and I did a little weeding while checking out the various overwintering vegetables. I was pleased to see the broccoli and sprouts still providing us with some winter vitamin C. We also have kale and leeks so shouldn’t be in too much risk of scurvy.

Meanwhile the onions and garlic are pushing slowly up through the soil and there are daffodils, looking ready to burst into colour in a few weeks time.

Then I spotted these lovely primroses, not on our plot but lurking under a weedy patch in the next one. Poking around other people’s plots is one of the joys of having an allotment

It was getting too cold to do much so I turned my eyes to the sky and was greeted with this, almost black and white, scene

Followed by a technicolour sunset

I didn’t do very much at the plot today but I brought home some soup vegetables and was reminded of promise to come.

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