February joys

Its’ been a cold and miserable day: a day for doing indoors worklike things, but I nipped out to the garden this afternoon to see what was in flower now that February is upon us. Here’s what I found: the sweetly smelling winter box

Dozens of snowdrops

A mahonia just coming into full bloom

The hellebore has started flowering

The witchhazel is still in full bloom

As is the viburnum, which is throwing its scent all the way down the street

In vegetable news, there was a small handful of purple sprouting broccoli

And rhubarb coming up beautifully

February is not such a bad month.

10 thoughts on “February joys

  1. It’s amazing how much is still growing in the middle of winter. The viburnum and witch hazel seem particularly cheerful at this time of year. We only have a handful of snowdrops and a cluster of iris reticulata at the moment.

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