Winter work

Last weekend I did some DIY in the garden to provide some protection for the expected storms. I noticed a crack in the door of the seed palace. The palace has done a great job protecting seedlings but this needed some attention. I got out the ancient tools and added a splint of wood to hold it all in place

Since the problem had been caused by the door banging in the wind, I also added an extra hook and eye to keep the doors shut.

It’s all nice and cosy now and looking after the sweet pea seedlings, which have been sitting there all winter. They’re looking a little weedy but should recover once they get more light

That was all on Saturday morning but the expected rain and gales came later – flooding the snowdrops

filling up the pond and giving Bella plenty of entertainment

Sunday was too wet for the allotment so my allotment partner and I got down to some serious seed sorting and planning, fueled by tea:

We had a wee competition to see who had the oldest out of date seeds. There were quite a lot from the last few years, but my winning packet was ‘use by 1999’. Almost a record I think.

Having sorted out these out of date wonders, we did some serious planning for this year. There will be peas, beans, courgettes, marrows, cucumbers, tomatoes and all the usual glories. Last weekend was followed by snow and wind and more rain and too much work as usual but there was the odd moment of spring. I noticed this blackbird singing in the oak tree one morning before going out to work

It’s all looking a wee bit bare and bleak but spring is coming.

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