Signs of spring amidst the storms

This last week has been all about weather again but today the sun shone, there were primroses at the allotment and daffodils in the garden.

Earlier in the week we braved the snow and the hail and the floods to visit Dawyck Gardens in the Borders to look at snowdrops. In the days leading up to our visit and for many days since the gardens have been closed because of wind and rain but on our chosen day they were open and we were not disappointed.

Meanwhile the garden at home is very wet, though not flooded, the pond is very full, and Bella has been enjoying fishing for watercress and helping herself to paws full of wild water.

The vegetable growing season has not yet got going though we harvested some sprouts and leeks at the allotment today and yesterday I got a grand harvest of rather suspect out of date mixed salad leaves from my mother’s fridge and turned it into a rather good pesto – for the recipe, see weed pesto but use out of date salad leaves instead of weeds.

It tasted fine but I’m looking forward to some rather fresher home grown salad and home made cooking in the months to come.

12 thoughts on “Signs of spring amidst the storms

  1. Looks like your pond stones are well decorated with moss 😊. It’s a shame for people who rely on good weather for business in addition to all the destruction and disruption we’ve experienced recently.

    Nice snowdrops, anyway – glad you got to see them.

  2. There have been primroses out in the garden since November last year, it has been so mild here in the south west. Luckily there has been a week or two of frosty days to keep nature in track but there is no doubt the seasons are changing. Nice name for the cat 😉

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