Store cupboard cake

Warning! There is not much about gardening in this post but there is cake. Everyone else has just discovered gardening and growing their own vegetables. I’m delighted and I really hope they stick with it. I should have spent the whole day in the garden too but it’s bitingly cold. I did sow some seeds and check up on my recently sprouted seedlings

The peas have emerged in the egg boxes, but it is too cold to plant them out so I’ll leave them for another week or two. I also sowed tomatoes and cucumbers in the house and resowed the chillies, which have so far completely failed to germinate.

Then I came inside and had a go at an online gym class – one I’ve fancied trying for a while but have been far too embarrassed to be seen participating in public. I quite enjoyed it but still don’t think I’ll try the public version.

Still a bit bored, I turned to baking. We’re not short of supplies at all here but I thought it would be a good opportunity to use up some of the horrors lurking at the back of the cupboard. So I set myself a baking challenge: to use up this little supply:

Which includes glace cherries, mixed peel, pumpkin seeds, some rather dodgy dried figs and apricots (all mostly left over from Christmas) and two tins of pineapple brought home from a student flat, vacated by our young people last summer. Tins do last for a long time but these were use by February 2020, so probably in need of using up.

I didn’t use them all (I failed to include the pumpkin seeds) but here is the cake that I created, based on a recipe described here. I lacked some key ingredients (bananas) and didn’t have quite enough eggs so it is a little adapted. Mainly I added more dried fruit and pineapple to compensate for the lack of bananas.

It turned out a little soggy and took longer to cook than the original recipe and then it got a bit well fired on top.

Otherwise, it looks ok and we’ll try it tonight during #Earth Hour. I’ve shared this challenge via texts etc with my sons and am only sad that I cannot share the actual cake with them or with my wider family. There will be more cake and more sharing in the near future.

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