Seedlings and potatoes

This weekend the vegetable growing really got going. First of all, though, please admire this amaryllis which has been sitting on the bathroom windowsill for about ten years, doing absolutely nothing. Well that’s not entirely true. It has produced green leaves every year but no flowers for a very long time. This was the year it chose to flower. We may have to wait another ten years for the next flower but I am patient.

Back to the vegetables. The seedlings on my windowsill have been romping away

Cucumbers, tomatoes and huge mass of out of date basil seeds which overproduced. Fortunately you can’t have too much basil. I potted up the cucumbers and most of the tomatoes into individual pots.

I have a little potting compost left in a bag but I may have to make my own for the next lot of potting on. I ordered some bagged potting compost online, having finally jumped the queues of new gardeners suddenly stockpiling garden supplies, by placing my order at midnight. An email the next day informed me that the delivery date was ‘August’, a little late for my burgeoning cucumber and tomato plants. So I extracted some compost from the compost bin and will think about making some homemade compost though I’m a little worried about importing pests and weeds. This all took much longer than planned because I then turned all my compost bins (emptying bin C, moving stuff from bin B into bin C and from bin A into bin B). A messy but quite satisfying task.

Then I got on with planting potatoes in the new raised bed. The potatoes had been chitting for a few weeks in a spare bedroom and were looking sturdy

As you’ll remember from a couple of weeks ago, the new raised bed is covered in cardboard, to keep the cats off. I try to keep them off the vegetables but take particular care with root veg. My plan to keep them off for a bit longer involves planting the potatoes through holes in the cardboard. First another layer of compost (from the newly emptied bin) under the cardboard, then cut a cross where each potato should go

Insert potato and wait for the green shoots to emerge into the light.

Finally, I planted out some of the peas which have been shooting nicely in the seedhouse:

With some lettuces in between, as a catch crop before the peas get too big

And then some more cat protection, this time lots of twiggy sticks which the peas will also like to grow up. I’m not sure how I’ll get the lettuces out but I’ll worry about that another day.

It’s been a lovely day. I’ve spent the whole day in the garden, doing these and other jobs, I’ve seen lots of newts in the pond and the plum blossom has come out:

A good day, with lots of promise for the summer.

4 thoughts on “Seedlings and potatoes

  1. 10 years! that is patience indeed. It’s a glorious flower, but 10 years does seem an excessive amount of time to wait.
    Your seeds are doing well aren’t they. I’m planning to sow a lot more tomorrow, now it’s April.

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