Joining the six on Saturday crew

My Saturdays are usually taken up with ‘stuff’ so I don’t usually do #SixOnSaturday , the weekly garden bloggers’ ritual – for more see here – But we are living in unusual times, and I’ve got the Easter public holiday weekend away from the day job for the first time in living memory. The reason for this is very boring but it means I woke up this morning without the usual Saturday list of stuff and have time instead just to enjoy the flowers, so here they are.

  1. Here’s a camellia in full bloom. This plant was a gift from good friend, many years ago. It lived in my old garden and I moved it to this one. It lives in the dark winter corner where it has grown slowly but quietly, bringing early April joy

2. Here are the snakeshead fritillaries, looking rather gorgeous beside the pond

3. Daffodils come in waves in my front garden. These are in flower today, with some sneaky forget-me-nots and a bird bath in the background

4. And now for the self-seeders. First of all the honesty, blooming beautifully along the semi-wild bit beside the back hedge

5. This tiny viola has seeded itself in a pot on the patio

6. Finally, although today’s post is all about flowers, here are the overwintering broad beans- in full flower, but vegetables at heart:

There’s lots more I could show you but I’m following the rules and I’m only allowed six. These little things bring me joy. I hope your weekend brings you some too.

18 thoughts on “Joining the six on Saturday crew

  1. What a lovely gift from a friend. Your Camellia is lovely, the flower looks so perfect – it must love its winter spot. The fritillaries are very delicate and those daffodils are just so joyful.

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