There will be peas

Today has been the big pea planting day. Following last week’s runaway success with following the #SixOnSaturday gang I’ve had another go. So there will be six peas, or six pea related stories. Here goes.

  1. You’ll remember that a few weeks ago I experimented with sowing peas in egg boxes (of course you do, but if not you can find out more here). Well, that seems to have worked really well, as lots of different peas have germinated beautifully this way. Here are the ‘Salmon Pink’ peas, growing happily in their egg box

2. And here is how they look today, still growing happily in the ground and you can just see a tinge of pink on the leaves (actually only one of these is a pea plant, the others are lettuces but the one with the pink bits is a pea)

3. Today I also planted out other varieties. First of all the beautiful blue Carouby de Mausanne, with some solid sticks as a wigwam to support them when they grow to their full height

And here’s one I grew earlier (well last year) but you have to keep admiring the beauty of these peas

4. I also planted out some heritage peas, which I haven’t tried before: ‘Duke of Albany’ . These apparently grow up to two metres high (a measurement we have all sadly learned to recognise too well). I reckoned they needed a decent support, so they have been given the help of the old seed house to grow up. It’s less rustic than the poles for the blue and pink peas but hopefully it will do the trick

5. In order to make space for the peas, I had to cut down the last of the purple sprouting broccoli. It has done well, particularly in November when it looked stunning in the frost.

We’ve had a small but steady supply of broccoli salad in the last few weeks and I got a tiny bit more for lunch today. I’m always sad to cut it down but I have plans for more next year

6. Finally, and actually not pea related, I had a delivery of compost today. You’ll remember that I ordered this a couple of weeks ago and was told that the next delivery would be August. I’ve been trying not to panic too much about this and have experimented with making my own, but this morning the door bell rang and a deivery man shouted to me from an appropriate social distance that he had left my compost at the side door. I went outside and there it was:

So that’s today’s six. Who knew you could write six things, mainly about peas? To find out more about #SixOnSaturday, see here

8 thoughts on “There will be peas

  1. Wonderful peas! Looking forward to following their progress. Strangely I also had a couple of bags of compost delivered today. My lovely neighbour messaged me and said the garden centre was doing Click and Collect (or similar) and she was passing. I’ve heard all about your wool compost, all good, have you used it before?

  2. i admire your pea fortitude. after numerous attempts to get a worthwhile crop I decided not to bother. i’d need to have a whole field of them to get enough peas for a family meal, I think. I hear good things about dalefoot compost, must give it a go at some point. pricy though, if I remember right.

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