Weeds – or tiny joys in the garden

I posted six photos on Twitter for SixOnSaturday this morning: all things that needed to be done in the garden today:

There was weeding to be done: dandelions blooming and fading in among the flowers, daffodils needing to be deadheaded, a wild rose rambling under the paving stones and reappearing in the thyme, a massive dock growing amidst the aqueligia, tomatoes getting a bit weedy and needing bigger pots and more light and potatoes coming up through the cardboard, requiring a bit of extra compost to protect them from late frosts.

So only six pictures but a lot of work to be done. I think I’ve done most of it and a kindhearted partner has cut the grass in the back garden. The tomatoes spent the day in the seedhouse, soaking up the sun but I’ve brought them back into the house overnight in case it turns too cold. It occurs to me that I could do this for a few days, given my current stuck at home status, something which would usually be far too much faff when I’m rushing about all the time. Small consolations. I did deadhead a few daffodils but am delighted that some are still going strong, particularly these white ones – sorry I don’t know what the variety is – but isn’t it lovely that we can still have them in May

As for the weeds, I got down on my hands and knees in the front garden and poked around, getting rid of some things and finding new pleasures in others. Some of those weeds are definitely weeds: the dock leaf for example, while others are definitely flowers in the wrong place: the rose, but others are not so simple. I tweeted a sneaky second SixOnSaturday, showing six tiny joys in the form of self-seeded flowers – things that came up all by themselves in random unplanned ways:

Violets, campion, yellow poppies, wallflower, violas and the ever present forget-me-nots. Later in the day I also found more wallflowers – which are not weeds but they are entirely self-seeded, possibly from some deliberate plants a few years ago but now allowed to grow just wherever they choose. They have a gorgeous scent

The front garden is full of things like this, as well as the wandering rose and a lot of clover. It would be nice to have a clover lawn instead of paving I suppose, but I try to keep it in check a bit. I noticed the first clover flower, a sign of summer on its way:

I’ve been leaving the dandelions for the insects to enjoy but I do try and pull them up when they’ve finished flowering to try and limit their spread a bit. While I was down on my hands and knees I was struck by the sheer beauty of this dandelion clock. Isn’t it just the most gorgeous thing?

4 thoughts on “Weeds – or tiny joys in the garden

  1. As usual, your photos are lovely . . . When I saw the dandelion, I thought it would surely be the most spectacular picture in this collection . . . but then, near the end, was the clover. It was a revelation. I have always been fond of those large purply-magenta clovers, but I had never really looked at the humble white clover with any kind of attention. Your picture changed that!
    Thank you . . . hoping all is well with all of you . . . .

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