Teasels have been growing in my gardens for over twenty years. We bought the first one as a small plant from a wildlife stall at a garden show when my boys were tiny. We loved the name, we loved the way they grow and we hoped the plants would attract goldfinches. That one plant grew strong and tall and scattered its seed around. I haven’t planted a teasel since but they’ve always been there, popping up in surprising places and looking magnificent. I love these plants but I’ve never seen a goldfinch eating the seeds, until today. So here’s today’s #SixonSaturday, in honour of the wondrous teasel. The excitement started when I spotted the goldfinch, doing what goldfinches are supposed to do:

This magnficent teasel is in a pot in the front garden. It has started getting a bit tatty and I had been thinking about uprooting it. Now I know why it looks tatty. It’s been chomped

This sent me out into the garden to have a closer look at that plant. On closer inspection, it was also hosting a spider. It was hard to photograph the web but you can see it a little here with the raindrops showing

Then I had look at the teasels in the back garden. Here I discovered more wildlife making use of these joyous plants. A tiny snail:

This one had a slug:

Well it has been rather dry and the wee things are enjoying some dampness at last. I’m fine with that so long as they stay off my vegetables. Teasel flowers also attract bees in summer. In the winter, frost turns them into living festive decorations.

It’s damp and miserable out there today but these six teasels have cheered me up: architectural glories, goldfinch, spider, snail, slug and looking forward to frost. It would be nice to have a little more summer first though.

9 thoughts on “Teasels

  1. The slug and snail were intrepid beasts!

    I brought a teasel home from a walk and intended to see if it had any seeds which might grow in the back garden. Unfortunately, with my memory like a sieve, it only made it as far as the base for my dried flower arrangement.

    Lovely post, anyway.

  2. i grew teasel last year, by mistake. i didn’t see a single goldfinch. #disappointed.
    i was half expecting to find seedlings this year but nope, i must be too efficient a weeder.

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