Ice cream in the rain

As our traditional Scottish summer continues to provide the rainy backdrop to my holidays at home from working at home, I bring you ice cream. I had cycled over to my mother’s for my weekly visit, laden with my usual supply of home baking and soft fruit from the garden. It was raining but lockdown has got me back on my bike again and it is the only sensible way for me to get to her flat these days. I’ve discovered a mostly off road or quiet road cycle route which gets me there in twenty minutes. It’s a busy route, with lots of families, bikes, dogs, scooters, people shopping and walking but it was quieter that day because of the rain. I arrived at my Mum’s sheltered housing complex, locked my bike to the ‘visitor’s parking’ sign (no bike racks) as an ice cream van drew into the car park, jangling its ice cream jingles. I don’t know when I last bought ice cream from a van but it seemed like just the thing to go with the raspberries and strawberries.

A real treat.

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