Seed saving

It’s been a great pea season again this year. Despite a slight mix up with varieties – see here – the Prussian Blues, the Salmon Pinks, the Norli and the Dukes of Albany have been very productive, providing us mainly with pea salad but also a couple of soups and some pea and broad bean guacamole. I used to grow just mange tout peas because I couldn’t see the point of growing whole peas. Now I know that the peas straight from the pod are so delicious they are almost like a different vegetable to the ones that come in frozen packets.

Now they are beginning to get a little past their best but the late planted Carouby de Maussanes are looking hopeful and I’ve started drying out some peas to keep for next year:

These are from the Prussian Blue, you can see a slight blue tinge to the drying peas here.

And these are the Salmon pinks. For the moment I am leaving these almost dried peas on a sunny windowsill and will then store them away for next year. I’ve got my eye on an impressive looking Duke of Albany pod to save once it is has matured a little more. My experiment in saving seeds from last year has worked well though last year I didn’t separate out the varieties:

All I have to do now is to remember to label them more sensibly so that I know what I’m planting next time. Little did I know when I started growing peas that this would become such an addictive habit.

9 thoughts on “Seed saving

  1. Mrs T has just taken the opposite view and is going to stop growing peas (she says) because they are more trouble than they are worth when you can buy peas in large quantities on the open market. 🙂

  2. I save a lot of flower seeds it is very rewarding when they in turn germinate and then flower.
    Like your peas, these are often plants that you cannot buy in garden centres etc.

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