Catching up

Tonight I’ve been making chutney:

This is mostly plum, with some windfall apples, some red onions, one green tomato (it was showing some signs of blight so I picked it from the plant to save the others and cut the brown bits out) and some radish seed pods. The recipe is based on something like this.

The plums are nearly, but not quite, ready for eating so it seemed like a good idea to start processing some of them before we are overwhelmed. The onions are from the allotment:

The radish seed pods – well the radishes as always are producing lots of flowers and seed pods but very few actual radishes, although, after the joy of the monster purple one a few weeks ago, I did sow some more little red ones and I think we’ve had about six actual radishes in salad so far. Another giant purple radish appeared in the allotment but sadly it had started to flower and went woody before we could harvest it. I continue to live in hope.

In other monster news, I harvested the first of the marrows yesterday, pictured here with a small punnet of nearly ripe plums:

The late summer or early autumn harvest has begun. This is a time of year when I panic slightly when I go into the garden. All the spring promise is coming to fruition and threatening to overwhelm us. Unfortunately other work and life events are stopping me from doing quite as much gardening, cooking or even blogging as I would like but I’ll catch up. Tonight’s late night chutney making and this blog post is a start.

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