Here’s a bee on a phacelia flower to cheer your day. It’s been lovely and sunny here and I’ve been out in the garden, hacking things back, harvesting and sowing some more seeds of hope. It’s six months since I wrote my seeds of hope post, at the beginning of lockdown, when we had no idea what would happen next. Well here we are again with few clues to the future but we have to keep on keeping on and the garden will sometimes just grow things for us. For today’s #SixOnSaturday here are six things self-seeding in the garden today: White campanula, blue Michaelmas daisies (I know they don’t look very blue but my camera’s a bit funny that way), yellow poppies, orange poppies, borage flowers – and an avocado!

I found this growing in the cucumber bed. It must have come from the compost bin. I was impressed by its confidence but doubt it would survive the winter outside, so I’ve transferred it to a pot which I’ll bring inside soon:

I’ve never grown an avocado before, despite the inspiring cover of my stalwart ‘Pip Book‘ so it will be interesting to see how this turns out.

Today I also started planning next year’s crops, planting out some overwintering onions and broad beans and making a rough draft of the cropping plan for 2021:

This is a very rough, not to scale, plan of my raised beds. It’s mostly blank but I’ve started writing down what goes where so that I don’t forget. Here’s the 2020 plan so you can see how often I change my mind. Whatever I plan, peas or tomatoes sneak into any spare space:

These plans will never look like professional garden designs but they work for me and writing ‘2021’ at the top seemed like some kind of hope for the future. Now I’m off to make some more chutney with today’s green tomato crop.

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