Allotment rainbows

I nipped along to the allotment this morning on a mission to pick up a couple of things but with not much time to do any actual work. It’s a quiet time on the plot with mostly just keeping on top of weeds the main task. It had been a wet morning so there was nobody about and the birds were all out in force. I was struck by all the things that were flowering in our plot. So here’s our colourful #SixOnSaturday

  1. Sweet peas still blooming beautifully. They’re growing up the runner bean poles. Just as well as there have been hardly any runner beans but these are beautiful and smell as good as they look

2. Calendula – these were growing beside the squashes and courgettes and are keeping going long after the vegetables have finished

3. Nasturtiums – we have had a fantastic nasturtium crop this year. They grow everywhere, self-seeding with abandon, also still keeping going in this mild October

4. Rainbow chard – not flowers actually – but very colourful, if a little nibbled

5. Last year’s kale, flowering generously

6. Radish flowers – apart from the one giant radish – see here – these self-seeders have produced nothing but flowers but quite lovely on this dismal day

What with one thing and another, I doubt I’ll get much gardening done this weekend but I hope this little collection brings some cheer to your day.

19 thoughts on “Allotment rainbows

      1. oh I see! Several people have commented on my late ones. I don’t know what it is – maybe they’re just slow starters or maybe its because they like living with the runner beans but usually find they linger on till the first serious frosts.

  1. Lovely to have all these colours, esp as the days get shorter and darker. Do you find the rainbow chard self seeds? I was given some plants a few years back, and I’ve never been without since (and probably never will be). I love it, and it’s so hardy too.

  2. Love the veg still available, and the late sweetpeas. But also love the nasturtiums. So sharp and peppery in salads.

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