October joys

On this grim November day, here is something to cheer you. I brought in the last of the tomatoes from the seed palace to ripen inside.

Aren’t they beautiful? Here are some more of the colourful things that were happening in my garden as October came to a close:

Apples, rowan berries, nasturtiums and pyracantha berries, all looking very orange for Halloween. October is apple month

and birthday month in this house. What with local lockdowns in Scotland we couldn’t really celebrate the birthdays properly though I did manage to deliver cakes, pumpkins (well squashes) and apples to my birthday boys. What’s more they both turned this produce into more cakes and pies. We thought it would be unfair not to join in the birthday joy so I made a separate cake so that we could celebrate at a distance together:

Recipes for all the apple cakes on the recipe page here

October has felt like a long month but my goodness what will November bring? We’ve had strict rules on social gatherings in Scotland for weeks as have Northern Ireland and Wales (and across Europe) but today I’m thinking of friends, family and blog readers in England. We gardeners always have the next season to think about. Here is a tiny sign of hope from the allotment, on a bleak November day. An autumn sown red onion, pushing up through the soil:

9 thoughts on “October joys

  1. Lovely colours! Distance birthdays don’t really come close to the real thing, but as you say we just have to do what we can. Let’s hope it all makes a difference. Bright sunshine here (sparkly cold!) so am planning to get going in the garden. We gardeners def have an advantage in the hope stakes. Happy birthday you, if yours is/was one of them.

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