Rainy Day

It’s been pouring with rain today but we went out for a cycle ride in the morning anyway. Our destination was Starbank Park a nearby community park, which I’ve been following on twitter and on here for a while but had never visited. The cycle run, mostly along off-road cycle paths, was very bracing and it was still pouring with rain when we arrived at the park, just in time to catch the ‘glorious views’ across the sea:

It wasn’t the park’s fault that everything was so grey and in the park itself there was all sorts of beauty:

The pelargoniums and roses were still in bloom, the autumn leaves were beautiful and there were little surprises like this little frog lurking in the borders. We wandered round in the rain and enjoyed all these joys. I got little bursts of inspiration for my own garden. We’ll be back when the weather’s better so that we can enjoy the stunning views over the sea as well. Have a look at the Park’s own website for what they sometimes look like – here

Back at the house it took a while to warm up and dry out so I didn’t feel up to venturing out to the allotment in the afternoon. Instead I decided to tidy up my workspace, removing terrible piles of books and papers from the floor and remembering that I had all sorts of seeds drying on the window sill. I collected up all the seeds, tidied them into small plastic containers and labelled them. Here there are wallflowers, broccoli and garlic chives:

All ready to be replanted for next year. And my desk a bit tidier for going back to working from home tomorrow. The only problem is that there are seeds all over the desk and some in my laptop:

I’m sure they won’t do any harm and I may get some unexpected bonus plants growing around me as we venture further into the winter.

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