December: four seasons in one week

It’s been a bit bleak here for the last few days but today the sun shone and I got out in the garden and along to the allotment for the first time in weeks. The wintersweet flowers are starting to open in the front garden (photo above). I did a bit of weeding and general tidying up. I was astonished to find the spring bulbs peeking up through the soil, under the weeds:

I covered them up with some leaf mould mulch, since I had removed their cosy weed covering. Down at the allotment the weeds were doing well too so I hauled up some couch grass from under the strawberries. I harvested some leeks and sprouts for tea:

and admired the sweet peas, which are still flowering, despite a chilly few nights:

Meanwhile, the wild and wonderful advent calendar this year has brought us:

For day 2 we had Jim, the cuddly snowman festively decorating a window. He’s an all year round snowman actually but likes to do his festive bit. He was particularly excited when we got actual snow in the night, although it quickly turned to ice, frosting the broccoli for day 3 of the advent calendar. That then turned to very dreich rain so I hardly got out at all the next day and had to make do with the peppers on my window sill finally ripening. Yesterday was even wetter but I captured some wet trees glistening in the street lights. Then today the sun shone and we could celebrate day 6with the wintersweet. That’s the first week of December: 4 seasons in one week I think.

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