It’s been a bit of a dreich week. Here’s a Wild and Wonderful Advent Calendar update to cheer us all through these December days:

Day 7: I got out for quite a long walk into town (when it wasn’t too dreich) and heard a woodpecker in these trees.

Day 8: out for a walk along the river which had been impressively flooded. It looks more worrying than it was in practice. The path goes alongside this, not through it, but it was pretty muddy and we were pleased to be wearing walking boots.

Day 9: I didn’t get outside in daylight at all, so Bella posed for the Advent Calendar in her favourite box.

Day 10: I did get outside for a little walk and spotted this lonely apple hanging on in an apple tree. There was a blackbird flitting about, munching apples on the ground and, no doubt, planning to have a peck at this one in due course. This was not in my garden but in the very posh allotments in the grounds of the Modern Art Gallery.

Day 11: we had a wee cause for celebration so had our first (not home made I’m afraid) mince pies of the season.

Day 12: I helped my mother get her Christmas decorations up and took great pleasure in setting up her nativity scene. She and my Dad got these little figures when they were first married in the 1950s. They’re a little battered. The donkey has lost a leg and the angel has lost its wings but I used to love arranging them when I was little and it’s great to see them still on the go after all these years:

Day 13: today it really has been wet and miserable. It has barely got light all day and I’ve also been having to do work at the laptop all day. The best I could manage was this view through the rainy window of a still flowering Benjamin Britten rose.

Hoping your December is bringing you little moments of joy too. We’ll get through this and emerge in the light before long.

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