Winter solstice – the light will come back

I write this as the light disappears from the sky on the winter solstice. In a dark week, it is good to know that the light will now return. This week’s advent calendar reflects some of what’s been happening.

I forgot to take any photos on the 14th but on the 15th we got out early and caught the sunrise over Edinburgh. The photo at the top was taken at 9am. Here’s another one a few minutes earlier:

On the 16th none of us got outside, including Bella who has been spooked by a fox in the garden. We’ve seen the fox several times, sidling along the back hedge. Bella’s extra powerful senses tell her that the garden is not safe so she did some impressive hibernating which tempted me to join her:

Since then she has gone back in the garden so seems to think it’s safe again.

On the 17th we went for a walk and came across a crowd of goosanders playing in the river, sailing downstream and then scurrying back up, catching fish or whatever as they went. Hard to photograph but here’s one from above with some impressive orange feet:

On the 18th I felt a little festive and made a batch of rosemary Christmas biscuits – recipe here

They were rather good but they got shared around various relatives near and far. I’ll need to make some more.

On the 19th I contributed to the #SixonSaturday community with a collage of some festive stuff in the front garden: mahonia just coming into flower, an ivy covered stump, honeysuckle berries, holly, a teasel and more festive cotoneaster berries

On the 20th I caught the late afternoon light across the skyline of Edinburgh

Today I celebrate the solstice with a garden wreath, made from rosemary, and berries from the honeysuckle and cotoneaster:

I’ve got some time off work now, to clean the house, potter in the garden a bit, juggle the endless changes to Christmas plans which we’re enduring this year, and to celebrate the returning of the light.

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