Christmas Eve

So we come to the end of the #wildandwonderful #advent calendar with a trip to the allotment to harvest the sprouts. It was a sharp, frosty day this morning and the allotment was looking lovely:

The leeks are looking good, there’s some kale looking impressive in the frost, marigolds hanging on into the winter, sprouts ready to harvest, a tiny onion shoot giving us hope for next year and the sweet peas still flowering even after last night’s frost.

On the 22nd I noticed more evidence of the fox in the garden. It had left prints on the cardboard in the raised bed:

On the 23rd I caught the sunset over Inverleith Pond, reflecting nicely in the water:

So that’s my #wildandwonderful advent calendar getting us through the dark days of December, darker than usual this year but with all these moments of joy bringing me light:

Here’s a Happy Christmas to all my readers. It’s been a weird and difficult year but nature and the garden keep on giving. I’ll be back on the 31st for this year’s Reclaiming Paradise awards.

11 thoughts on “Christmas Eve

  1. A lovely set of photos and the one over Inverleith Pond is spectacular.

    I haven’t blogged or read as many blogs this year. Somehow I seem to have been busier than ever – maybe an illusion – but always good to read your posts.

    Have a good Christmas, Jackie.

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