Here’s some snow around my garden pond to cheer you all up

The frog and the cow are keeping guard though not showing the very high levels on the cowometer that we had during the Beast from the East in 2018. I had some vague plan to ‘do some gardening’ over the Christmas holidays but ice and snow have stopped me. On the other hand, the snow has covered up all the weeds and untidy stuff and it looks rather magical.

Bella doesn’t agree

I woke up far too early yesterday morning and went out into the moonlight to look at the animal tracks in the snow. I found more evidence of foxes in the garden – as well as another cat, which is for Bella, perhaps even more worrying.

Times are tough. Hang on in there everyone.

12 thoughts on “Snow

      1. Sadly, one of the less agreeable bits of growing older is regarding snow as a possible menace to life and limb rather than a joyous challenge. I still get excited at the first snowflakes but the charm wears off these days.

  1. Lovely to see your snow, thank for sharing. Your pond looks well and truly frozen! Poor Bella and her chilly feet. Have the best Hogmanay you possibly can, my friend, and here’s to a great 2021 for us all x

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