Snow and ice

Since my last snow post we’ve had more snow and ice in the garden, so there’s been no gardening happening here, just taking photos :

The snow has mostly gone now but I loved watching the bird and animal tracks in the snow.

The temperature fell to -7 last night which must be near a record for my garden and it was still -5 this morning when I went out to take photos. There were beautiful frost patterns on the shed window:

I’ve also been feeding the birds again. I stopped feeding them a couple of years ago, when we had two cats and invasions of squirrels. The combination of risk to the birds and the damage the squirrels did to the house was too much. These last few days I’ve been feeding them again because it is so cold and we are down to one cat who seems to spend most of her time asleep anyway. It’s been lovely to see them coming into the garden again: mostly pigeons and magpies who have no fear of the cat but also a wren, really near the house, robins, blackbirds, tits and this morning a heron flew over the garden.

It’s forecast to be a little warmer over the next few days – about 2 degrees above freezing rather than several below but I’ve enjoyed this little cold patch in this very dark time of year.

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