Frosted fruit

It’s been another gloomy week but there was some frost in the early part, to cheer us up. So here are six frosty things from the garden to cheer you up for today’s SixonSaturday

  1. I couldn’t resist these strawberry leaves, covered in furry icing sugar frost, but still with the promise of summer yet to come.

2. These frozen raindrops on the rose bush set me off on a ‘raindrops and roses and whiskers on kittens..’ ear worm for the rest of the day

3. There were also frozen rain drops on this birch tree, with frosty teasels in the background

4. Frosted moss, also beautiful

5. More frosted moss.

6. Since then the ice and frost has melted and we’ve had rain and dark and whole days when I didn’t get outside the house at all. When I finally made it to Friday after a very long week, I had an urge to do some cooking. A January gloom fell over me as I realised there was no garden produce to inspire me. There are leeks and sprouts at the allotment but I haven’t managed to get along there for a couple of weeks. Then I remembered that I had some muffin mix in the fridge and that we still had raspberries in the freezer. So I made raspberry muffins:

They were a bit squishy – probably because I put the frozen raspberries in the mixture and then they defrosted in the oven and everything was a bit too liquid. Looks aren’t everything though. They cheered me up after a gloomy week and reminded me, along with the frosted strawberries, that summer will come again. For more about #SixonSaturday see here

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