Dancing on Ice

It’s still very icy here so not much happening in the garden but this little crocus is another tiny sign of spring. Meanwhile Bella has been exploring the frozen pond.

She’s a great lover of water and the pond provides fascination for her all year round. Yesterday she spent a lot of time just sitting on the ice.

What was she thinking about? Why did she do this? I don’t know. You tell me.

The photos are a little blurry because they were taken through the window – if I’d gone outside after her she would have coming running in.

I stayed inside and made some rosemary oatcakes instead, using the Christmas recipe but not the Christmas cutters:

They’re rather good, slightly less unhealthy than all the sugar-filled alternatives that tempted me and they did at least use some garden produce: the rosemary bush is still flourishing despite all the cold.

4 thoughts on “Dancing on Ice

  1. Have you got a recipe for the rosemary oatcakes?

    If Bella had sat on the ice for long enough, perhaps it would have melted. She might have a got a bit of a surprise then – or maybe that was the plan! I can imagine she was rather puzzled by it all.

  2. Recipe for the oatcakes in the link text ‘Christmas recipe’ or you can find on the recipes page at the top of the blog – under Rosemary Christmas Biscuits. Bella hasn’t fallen in yet but her paws have melted little prints in the ice!

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