Holes in the hedge

One of the disadvantages of lockdown is that I’ve spent too much time over the winter looking at the garden and getting depressed about the bits that really don’t look good (most of it actually at this time of year). While I blog and tweet about the lovely little spring flowers – here was yesterday’s #SixonSaturday, the lawn is a mud bath, the pond is overgrown, the raised beds are full of either deadish plants or are covered in cardboard or freezer baskets (to keep the cat off) and the hedge at the back of the garden is looking very … Continue reading Holes in the hedge

Spring is in the air

How can it be a week since we had four inches of snow in the garden? Today we had lunch outside and hung out a washing, which nearly dried before it got dark and I sowed some seeds (just a few tiny lettuce and spinach seeds in the seed house) and I walked to the allotment wearing ordinary shoes instead of boots and I didn’t have to wear a a woolly hat and we harvested the last of the Brussels sprouts. Spring is definitely coming Meanwhile I have plotted my revenge against the pigeons. There are signs of new growth … Continue reading Spring is in the air

More snow pictures

Because who doesn’t love these beautiful patterns made by pigeons in the garden? They are forgiven for demolishing my broccoli, for the moment anyway. The snow was still very beautiful yesterday for #SixonSaturday. Here we have teasels, witchhazel, rhubarb, winter box, two tiny snowdrops, and foxprints on the pond: The snowdrops have been particularly, beautiful, just peeking up above the snow, here in the sunlight under the oak tree: It’s all starting to thaw now but that means that spring really is round the corner. Also, this arrived in the post yesterday: Actually not live plants, but live seeds, all … Continue reading More snow pictures

Snow pictures

Of course you wanted more pictures of snow. I never imagined, back in 2018, that the cowometer would be brought back in to use. But here it is, showing the depth of snow by the garden pond this morning: It doesn’t look as if it will reach the heights of 2018. The picture below shows it’s maximum height since records began all those years ago – but you never know: Here’s another snowy view of the pond today: The front garden this afternoon Some snowy views of the herb table Leeks at the allotment Kale behind the anti-pigeon netting Love … Continue reading Snow pictures

Seeds: fantasy gardening

It’s February and the weather is foul, despite some tiny moments of spring joy in the garden, it has to be seed ordering time. I try not to be wasteful in my seed ordering and I do have quite a lot left over from last year, including my carefully saved seeds: These are, I think, wallflowers, broccoli, garlic chives and, of course, peas. Despite all of these and the various packets in my ancient seed tin, I do need to order a few more. I try and do a careful census and make a note of what I need. This … Continue reading Seeds: fantasy gardening