Seeds: fantasy gardening

It’s February and the weather is foul, despite some tiny moments of spring joy in the garden, it has to be seed ordering time. I try not to be wasteful in my seed ordering and I do have quite a lot left over from last year, including my carefully saved seeds:

These are, I think, wallflowers, broccoli, garlic chives and, of course, peas. Despite all of these and the various packets in my ancient seed tin, I do need to order a few more. I try and do a careful census and make a note of what I need. This year : broad beans, new runner beans, lettuce, spinach, tigeralla tomatoes and … just a few more peas. The problem is that once you delve down the tunnel that is the the seed catalogue, or even worse, the online catalogue, you end up with just few more. I’ve ordered some French beans which have always succumbed to snails in my garden but I’ll give them a go again. I’ll also try chilli peppers again this year, if only to pass on to my son who has had much more success with growing them in his student flat than I do at home.

I’ve tried to resist buying more flower seeds. Most of my space in my garden is dedicated to vegetables but I’ve added some more nasturtiums. We do have monster nasturtiums at the allotment which will keep us in flowers and spare seeds well into the next century but I was tempted by some multicoloured flowers (which count as vegetables too as you can eat them).

I haven’t ordered any sweet peas as I still have enough seeds left over from last year. There are plenty of flowers in the garden already which will self-seed with abandon: foxgloves, nigella, poppies, wallflower, campanula, borage, clover….

The great thing about all of these is that they seed themselves where they want to grow so I’m not worried about a lack of flowers.

So that’s today’s fantasy gardening done. Meanwhile in my garden today, there were six little beauties flowering despite the cold. For reasons too boring to explain, I can’t seem to upload any new pictures today, so here is a link to my #SixonSaturday on my twitter account

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