Tiny shoots

Today for #SixOnSaturday, I’ve been out in the garden, down on my hands and knees, looking for tiny signs of growth.

  1. The February Gold mini-daffodils are fully out now

2. And I noticed, while photographing these, that there are some snakeshead fritillaries about to come into flower. I had forgotten that they were there so it was well worth getting down close to the daffodils to see them. There are still lots of snowdrops too, a few photobombing here

3. In the front garden, a single full sized daffodil has appeared. I have lots more to come and I will try to be patient but it was lovely to see this beauty today.

4. I started cutting back the autumn fruiting raspberries and spotted tiny shoots of new growth, just waiting to burst into life.

5. Some of the purple sprouting broccoli has started regrowing after I netted it to keep the pigeons off.

6. Finally, not exactly new growth but a symbol of the power of nature.

This is a piece of dead wood from the middle of my hedge, with a bit of wire embedded in it. See last week’s blog for the story of the wire (which has been collected by a friendly freecycler, except this bit). I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it so asked my husband, who said ‘Take photo of it, blog about it and then put it in the landfill bin’. I’ve done the first two of these but holding on to it a little longer while I contemplate it as ‘found art’.

That’s my six. I could say more about today’s gardening activities but I’m keeping to the rules.

For more about #SixonSaturday, see here

10 thoughts on “Tiny shoots

  1. That’s definitely found art! And that’s an impressive number of daffodils – have you been able to get the bulbs to bloom a few years in a row? I’m trying for my first re-bloom with them this year, and they don’t seem as hearty as last time.

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