Spring flowers and a new bench

The garden and the blog have suffered a bit lately from too much other work going on in my life. I’ve hardly stepped outside the door all week except for necessary permitted walks and I haven’t managed to write much or read all your lovely blogs either. However this weekend I achieved a thing, in fact a new garden bench:

This was not made by me, as such but I did put it together from the flatpack which arrived in a great big box, bringing joy in abundance for Bella.

I don’t often buy new stuff for the garden but the previous bench had disintegrated after 22 years of use. There was rather a lot of packaging but I can use the cardboard on the garden and I’m hoping someone on freecycle will find a use for the polystyrene. It would have been relatively easy to put together, were it not for the bits where two pieces of wood were supposed to join smoothly, but didn’t, requiring a lot of swearing on my part and some judicious sanding down of the bits that didn’t fit. I got there in the end, just in time to take it outside and sit on it as the sun began to set. It was a little chilly so I went out with my lockdown blanket (knitted over most of last year and keeping me warm in the winter) for a celebratory cup of tea.

Meanwhile the mystery seeds which I sowed in pots under glass back in October, turned out to be rocket rather than broccoli and are now ready to eat:

I’ve also sown some lettuce and spinach seeds and they have germinated in the seed palace in a week or so and have not yet been eaten by slugs

And today I went to visit my mother for Mother’s Day and take her some of the things that were flowering in the garden: daffodils, a sprig of viburnum, some almost flowering wallflower and some mahonia. Here they are sharing a vase with my brother’s gift of tulips:

My mother’s world has shrunk a lot in recent years but she always enjoys flowers, especially if they come from the garden. I am so grateful to be able to visit her when so many people can’t just now and when so many people no longer have their mothers around. It’s nice to be able to share the garden’s bounty with her.

So I haven’t got much done in the garden this week but the garden is doing what it should: keeping the rocket going over the winter, germinating seeds, pushing up daffodils, causing the wallflower to self-seed and flower and bringing out a second flowering on the viburnum. Now I’m hoping the day job work will calm down a little bit and give me some time to get out and get the seed sowing really started and get back to the allotment which I’ve been sadly neglecting so far this year. In the mean time I can sit on the bench in the odd moment of sunshine and dream of when I can share it with all the people that I haven’t seen for months.

6 thoughts on “Spring flowers and a new bench

  1. I love the new bench – and your blanket looks very cosy. Hopefully, you will be able to enjoy being outside, one way or another, more often from now on.

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