Waves of daffodils

After another frosty start and a frozen pond, the sun has come out so today’s #SixOnSaturday celebrates the joy of late daffodils. My daffodils come in waves, with the first appearing in early March but today there is a fabulous range across the garden.

  1. This fabulous pure yellow one underneath the apple tree

2. An orange trumpeted beauty in the back garden

3. More pure yellow beauties along the back hedge

4. Fancy flowers beneath the roses in the front garden

5. Tiny lovelies in a pot

6. And finally a pure white flower among the lavender in the front garden

I’m very bad at remembering their names but I seem to have planted varieties that come in waves throughout the spring. I have a cunning plan to plant even more in the autumn along the new fence behind the raspberries, which is looking a little bare at the moment. You’ll sometimes find me saying that I don’t grow flowers in my garden but I’ll always make room for daffodils.

For more on #SixonSaturday, see here

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