Six on Tuesday

It’s all go in the garden just now and somehow I’ve forgotten to blog about it. I missed SixonSaturday so here’s a wee update of sixish on Tuesday.

  1. These gorgeous self-seeded wallflowers are flowering in funny little corners of the front garden:

2. I got along to the allotment last week and used some spare bits of wood to create a sort of terrace for one of the beds which was threatening to overflow down the hill. Here it is in all its glory.

Please excuse the weeds and note the almost complete lack of broad beans in this bed, which should have resulted from an autumn sowing and a second early spring sowing. Fortunately my allotment partner tells me that a few have appeared in the last few days, so fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, in the garden one of the three successfully overwintered broad beans has flowered. These beans had all done really rather well until the snow in March finished off most of the plants. My second sowing in the garden has also germinated quite well so I’m reasonably optimistic that we will have beans this year.

3. The herbs are all coming to life, as this collage from my #SixonSaturday tweet shows:

Chinese and ‘ordinary’ chives, the lemon verbena beginning to sprout from its dead looking sticks, mint beginning to flourish, rosemary flowering and lovage starting its takeover of the front garden herb bed.

4. The plum blossom seems to have mostly survived the recent very cold nights

The apple blossom is only just beginning to open and so should also avoid being frosted.

5. Most of my indoor tomato seedlings are coming along rather nicely

Unfortunately the yellow crystal apple cucumbers, about which I raved in my recent venture into podcasting, have failed to germinate. I’ve been unable to source replacement seeds online so far. I may have to rely on traditional green ones this year.

6. In non-garden news, I’ve been busy catching up with my sons, delivering obligatory raspberry cake from last year’s crop and some early rhubarb, now that the travel restrictions have eased in Scotland. We went for a lovely walk and spotted some fantastic ducklings:

Closer to home we went out for our daily constitutional yesterday evening and watched bats in the moonlight. They were hard to photograph and you’ll probably not see any in this photo but the sky was astonishing:

7 thoughts on “Six on Tuesday

    1. Em, chives actually. They are a bit broader though so look different and have a slightly different texture. Sometimes my family tell me helpfully that I’ve put grass in the salad. I don’t know what makes them ‘Chinese’ but that’s what it said on the seed packet. They seem to be quite robust and come up every year.

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