Six on the first day of May

After a long hard winter, suddenly it’s the first of May and it’s still a bit nippy outside. However, today is also Saturday so in this post I’ll try and summarise what I found on this May morning in six themes for #SixOnSaturday

  1. Seedlings on my windowsill – green cucumbers doing rather well, all sorts of tomatoes growing nicely and, in the photo on the right, four new seedlings of the giant tomato Costuluto Fiorentino, which I thought had failed to germinate this year. Actually, make that five, I’ve just noticed a tiny seedling in the pot behind as well. I do have too many tomato plants but that’s a contradiction in terms and these fruits are amazing so I’ll find space for them somewhere.

2. Seedlings in the seed palace – peas, sprouts, lettuce broccoli. Everything’s been a bit slow this year with the cold April but they’re all beginning to take off now

3. Broccoli, despite appearing in the previous section, is also getting a special section of its own. As you can see there are some tiny broccoli seedlings in the seed palace but last year’s crop is still in full flow. Some is beginning to flower but we are still getting small pickings of these lovely purple sprouts.

4. In the ground, as well as the broccoli, there are some other hardy souls which have survived the winter and early spring: lettuce, broad beans, some in flower and some just appearing above the ground, rainbow chard, onions and the ever-productive rocket which is now beginning to flower

5. Fruit. The fruit trees are in full blossom and there are signs of life on the blackcurrants, redcurrants and raspberries and even a single strawberry flower

6. So far my six have all been about fruit and vegetables (and quite a lot of weeds) but here is tiny self seeded viola peeking out from a pot of oregano.

As always, despite all my efforts at sowing seeds, tending seedlings and looking after my trees, it is the tiny self-seeders that steal the show. So that’s my six for today. Now I need to get into the garden and start planning what happens next. For more on Six on Saturday see here

10 thoughts on “Six on the first day of May

  1. Isn’t it just the way! Still it is a very pretty viola. One of my favourite tomatoes is CF, but not my best to spell, so please forgive me my short cut. Great to see all that potential, just waiting to fly!

  2. Self seeded plants are wonderful! They often seem to be stronger and more vigorous than the ones carefully sown by us.
    Your vegetables are going to provide you with plenty during the coming months.

  3. A good six selection. I’ve never tried rainbow chard. A friend has just ordered some seeds so perhaps I can cadge a couple to try. The leaves remind me of beetroot. Are they easy to grow?

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