Seeds and seedlings

After a week of rain and hail and overnight temperatures of 1 degree Celsius in the seed palace, is it possible that we have turned the corner into slightly warmer days? My tomato plants certainly hope so.

These have gone out to the seed palace because I’ve run out of space on the windowsill. The reason I’ve run out of space is that the Costoluto Fiorentino seeds have continued germinating, multiplying all over the windowsill and needing little pots of their own.

I think I now have ten of these little beauties. All being well, they will grow into monsters and produce fruits like these

I’ll need to find homes for them but they are so beautiful I’ll manage somehow. The babies will have to wait inside the house for a little longer but the bigger ones will have to take their chances in the seed palace.

Meanwhile, I’ve dug the runner bean trench, leaving some rocket and Swiss chard to grow in the middle.

I’ve sown the runner beans in their paper pots.

I sow these in paper pots and plant them out in the garden and allotment once all risk of frost is past. Usually I make them out of newspaper, using my paper pot maker. Here’s last year’s:

Thanks to lockdown, my usual supply of newspapers has dried up. So this year, the beans have been planted in a whole lot of ancient scrap paper that would otherwise go in the recycling. I hope they don’t miss reading the news as they grow their little roots.

Things are getting moving in seed palace. All we need now is for the weather to warm up a little bit.

6 thoughts on “Seeds and seedlings

  1. I do hope your plants in the seed palace will experience warmer days from now on. It was a tad bizarre last week, wasn’t it!

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