Broccoli cycle

This is the time of year when the full circle of the broccoli life cycle becomes clear. You may remember last year’s broccoli, which completely took over the runner bean bed.

The runner beans are long gone and so are most of the broccoli plants but this one is still valiantly standing and still producing succulent purple florets.

We had these lightly steamed in a garden salad. They were rather good.

The other remaining plant has finally gone to seed and has some lovely yellow flowers.

Soon I’ll have to dig these up to make room for the next crop, probably tomatoes this year. But I’ve got next year’s supply going well and ready to plant out.

Most of this will go to the allotment but I’ll try and find space for a couple of plants in the garden. I won’t make the runner beans share with the broccoli this year, I do want some beans. Since the broccoli enjoyed the runner bean bed so much, I might try digging them their own compost filled trench.

Meanwhile, here are some of the flowers, in the front garden, blooming away in this weekend’s sunshine.

Osteospermum in a sea of forget-me-nots, the first rose about to bloom, the first of the rather invasive, but nonetheless beautiful Canterbury bells, poppies and aquilegia.

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