Very Hungry Caterpillars – in memory of Eric Carle

So sad to hear today of the death of Eric Carle, author and illustrator of one of the world’s most favourite children’s books ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. It was also a favourite in our house and I’ve blogged about it before, along with some of our other favourite children’s books involving gardening or wildlife. As I wrote, back in 2014, one of the things about this book is that it makes you much more sympathetic to the more destructive creatures in the garden: they have to eat after all. So RIP Eric Carle and thank you for bringing us such joy and a new way of looking at the wildlife all around us. Here’s a caterpillar from last summer which I hope became a beautiful butterfly, but which was really rather beautiful in its caterpillian form too.

One thought on “Very Hungry Caterpillars – in memory of Eric Carle

  1. I hadn’t heard about Eric Carle’s death. I wonder if he will be on Last Word (Radio 4).

    Anyway, yes, his hungry caterpillar was a lovely book.

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